Dan Rothman

We caught up with London Grammar’s guitarist and friend of Sunspel, Dan Rothman, to talk all about playing stadiums with Coldplay, onstage style and the perfect studio outfit.

Video and stills shot by Charlie Coleman in and around Dan’s Notting Hill studio.

It’s been a pretty big year for London Grammar, what was it like touring with Coldplay?

It was an incredible experience in lots of different ways. From a performance aspect, it was a huge test of confidence. We are used to performing to our own fans, with a bespoke stage design, so stepping on the Coldplay stage for the first time was a shock to the system. Even at half capacity, it was probably more people than we had ever performed for. That first show was a little nervy, but Coldplay's audience are extremely kind people. They also love music deeply, so we developed more confidence as the shows progressed we really savoured the moments on stage. Getting to perform at venues like the Stade de France and Wembley stadium is once-in-a-lifetime stuff, so I feel very grateful to Coldplay for having us. They are without a doubt some of the nicest people in the music industry, always professional as is the whole team who work with them. It’s an education just being around them and the people who produce the gigs. And then there’s the Coldplay show itself, which is, without doubt, the best stadium rock show on earth. The songs are classic and the production design is genius. You come away from their shows with a face that hurts from smiling.


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One of the main focuses of the tour was sustainability. Are those values important to you?

Of course! Climate change was a huge part of the tour’s messaging. And like everything they do, it’s delivered in a meaningful and engaging way for all the fans that attend.

Is style something you think about much? How do your outfits differ from when you’re onstage to when you’re in the studio or even at home?

Yeh! I always think about what I’m going to wear on stage. It’s very different to dressing daily because you have to be careful with colours under certain lighting or the shape of items in silhouette. I like to find menswear stores in whatever city I’m in and buy clothes for the gig in that place.

When you’re touring/in the studio what 3 pieces of clothing could you not do without?

Good white sneakers. Kapital Sweater. White Sunspel T-shirt.

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