We’ve been making luxury men’s underwear since 1860. Sunspel’s own John Hill not only introduced the boxer short to Britain in 1947, he also perfected its design. This, together with our obsession with discovering and developing exceptional fabrics, make us confident that ours are the best boxer shorts that you will ever wear.

As the name suggests, the world of sport can lay claim to the origins of the boxer short. The first woven cotton shorts to feature an elasticated waistband were developed for boxers in 1926 when Jacob Golomb founded Union Underwear. He provided fighters with a lighter, more comfortable alternative to the leather belted versions that they had previously worn. By the thirties, the demand for greater comfort led Golomb to manufacture everyday versions of the boxer short under licence to renowned US underwear brand, Fruit of the Loom.

Initially only available in America, it was Sunspel’s own John Hill who saw the opportunity in bringing the boxer short to the UK in 1947. Working from the Sunspel factory in Long Eaton, he gradually refined the design to craft the boxer short as we know it today. Decades passed, and despite offering exceptional comfort then, as it does now, the boxer short was often considered second choice to the traditional brief which was thought to offer a younger, more attractive look. This all changed in 1985 when Levi’s launched an ad that would change the history of underwear forever. Shot in a launderette, Nick Kamen can be seen stripping down to a pristine pair of Sunspel boxers. Immediately the trusty white boxer became cool. An icon was born.With just a few minor tweaks here and there, to this very day we produce our boxer shorts to the original specifications developed by John Hill. The seams are double-turned and feldlocked so that there are no rough edges. The rear features a distinctive back panel rather than an uncomfortable central seam. And all of the excessive bagginess left over from the early 1930’s styles has been eliminated so that our boxers can be worn with a slimmer trouser without being restrictive.

In the years that followed, the polo shirt transitioned to the streets. Favoured for its informal take on the classic shirt, it came to symbolise the emerging youth quake’, and was just as popular with London’s Mods, as it was with the East Coast American set. Testament to the near universal appeal of the garment, by the late 1960s it had even been adopted by heads of state on their downtime, with Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy both known advocates.

At Sunspel, not only are we obsessive about fit, but fabrication too. For over 150 years we have sourced the finest raw materials from around the world and innovated to develop unique luxury fabrics. When it comes to our boxer shorts, the fabric that we use is no exception: each pair is cut from 100% long staple fine cotton for unparalleled lightness, softness and breathability.

Whether you opt for our classic cotton boxer short, or the long cut boxer short, wear with our superfine cotton vests or crew neck underwear t-shirts to create the perfect foundation for all your looks.