21st Century Craftsmanship

When a new or existing customer pays a visit to one of Sunspel’s much-feted stores in Shoreditch or Soho, or for that matter takes in the entire range available online, they are likely to notice a unique combination of recent technology and timeless, durable style. However, whether they are examining one of the company’s classic polo shirts, T-shirts, underwear or an entirely different product, a certain high quality craftsmanship should also not escape their notice.

Such craftsmanship is evident in the little details of a Sunspel product’s technical specification, but will always be most obvious to those who actually wear the brand’s luxury clothing on a daily basis. Sunspel, after all, very much stands for a highly wearable, everyday luxury with its extensive collection of basics. These items, also encompassing the likes of knitwear, sweats, trousers and sleepwear, are assured of their character in large part by British skills and techniques that can be traced back to the earliest days of the present Long Eaton factory.

Sunspel has never allowed its British clothing to be produced in a manner that betrays its roots, with both young and old workers at the Nottingham premises not only respectful of time-honoured methods, but also continually enhancing these with new levels of technical expertise. They are greatly assisted in this by Sunspel’s collaborations with international experts that have become a particular hallmark of its product ranges of the early 21st century. The brand’s own employees therefore espouse the finest in creativity and innovation as they strive to preserve the special quality and uniqueness of each new garment.

Since its 1860 establishment, Sunspel has unwaveringly asked itself – beginning with company founder Thomas A Hill – how it can make comfortable, durable and simple clothing in a revolutionary way. Although its raw materials may be sourced from around the world, its innovation with fabric structure to produce constantly relevant heritage clothing remains firmly British. An attention to detail marks Sunspel clothing of all types, with fabrics being relentlessly refined and perfected in addition to the most intricate aspects of design and fit.

Wearers of Sunspel’s quality clothing have repeatedly spoken of forgetting that they are even wearing it, such is its everyday comfort. One truly noticeable benefit, however, is a boost in confidence that only comes from the knowledge of wearing clothing that is supportive and well-presented and that allows a person to express themselves. It leads Sunspel ( to continually expand its legion of admirers, joining the writer, broadcaster and cultural commentator Robert Elms, who in reference to Sunspel clothes, once said: “I like clothes much more than I like fashion. I like clothes for their own sake, divorced of any context or subtext”.

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