British Olympic rowers in Sunspel

Great Britain’s top rowers train every day of the week and take just one day off a month. Each day they put in hours of relentless effort on weights, rowing machines and on the water. This regime continues for month after month and year after year. These are amateur athletes: they’re doing it for the love of the sport.

Now, in recognition of their dedication and skill, Sunspel is proud to be able to provide four of our finest rowers with specially designed Sunspel clothing.

Tom Solesbury, Steve Rowbotham, Sam Townsend and Bill Lucas have all achieved genuine excellence in their field, and Sunspel has created original clothing for their training using the classic high quality Egyptian cotton the clothing company is renowned for, with a clean and modern look that nevertheless recalls an earlier era of amateur athletics.

You can read more about Sunspel outfitting the British Olympic rowers here on our blog.

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