David Shrigley and Sunspel: The Christmas jumper reimagined

David Shrigley wears the Lambswool Polar Bear Jumper in Smoke Blue Melange

David Shrigley OBE, the British artist known for his quirky, satirical illustrations, has reimagined the Christmas jumper as part of a new Sunspel capsule collection for Winter 2020. In the collaboration, David created a set of exclusive illustrations which we’ve applied to a contemporary collection of classic Sunspel styles.

Here David explains how he took a new approach to a festive tradition and created a 'winter sweater' with an environmental message.
If anyone else had asked me to make a Christmas jumper I’d probably have said no but as it was Sunspel I agreed. I like the simplicity and quality of their knitwear in particular. Their clothes are understated yet still retain a particular identity. I figured that if anyone would make a good job of it, it would be Sunspel."

Loopback Arctic Fox Print Sweatshirt

David Shrigley and Sunspel Loopback Artic Fox Print Sweatshirt

David Shrigley and Sunspel Lambswool Penguin Jumper in Ecru Melange

Lambswool Penguin Jumper in Ecru Melange


“I’m not a fan of Christmas sweaters for two reasons. Firstly, they always seem to incorporate red and green, which just never work together.

“Secondly, and more importantly: they only get worn for a few days a year. This seems like a waste if you are going to go to the bother of making or buying a sweater. For that reason I wanted to make a ‘winter sweater’ rather than one with a specifically Christmas design. That way people might want to wear it all winter long. 

“I guess the winter imagery got me thinking about the Arctic and Antarctic and, inevitably, the climate crisis. So the pieces have ended up with a positive message that hopefully people will respond to.

Making a design knitwear was quite difficult: the image would need to be very simplified in order to work as knitwear. In the end I think it turned out well.

“In themselves alone, it’s true that illustrations probably don’t have much power to influence public thought. But I do think that the more the climate crisis is front and centre of all the messages that people receive the easier it will be for changes to be made.

“Making art for me is a means of catharsis; it’s a helpful thing for me emotionally. When lockdown started I felt quite anxious as most people probably did but making drawings really helped me deal with it. I believe art and the arts in general are good for our health and well being; whether we are making art or experiencing it; it is good for us. I hope that’s why my art is popular.”

Polar Bear and Penguin Intarsia Socks

Polar Bear and Penguin Intarsia Socks

David Shrigley and Sunspel Printed Cotton Boxer Shorts in Save the Ice

Printed Cotton Boxer Shorts in Save the Ice


As well as the lambswool jumper, the collection includes our cotton Loopback sweatshirt, English-made socks, our Classic T-Shirt with David’s illustration as an embroidery, and a repeat print on our iconic British Boxer Short.

For each David Shrigley and Sunspel garment sold, we will donate 10% of the profits to Stump Up For Trees, a community-based charity focused on woodland creation and enhancing biodiversity in the Brecon Beacons, Wales.


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