How To Care For Your Denim

Buying the right pair of jeans is an investment. Yes, they can be worn with (virtually) anything, anywhere, but look after them well and not only will they last you years, but improve with age.

Our jeans combine the best in English craftsmanship and Japanese denim. They are cut from a 14oz selvedge denim that has been indigo rope dyed – widely considered as the best possible method of dying because it builds a rich and even depth of colour – and are made by hand in the North of England. The jeans feature custom-branded hardware and we pre-wash them to minimise the amount of shrinkage so you don’t need to make any guesses about the fit.

When it comes to getting the most out of your jeans, remember these points on care and the rest will come naturally:

Jeans should be washed as infrequently as possible. If you want them to get a personalised feel with contrasting creases that develop as you wear them, avoid washing them for as long as possible. With raw denim, it’s recommended that you wait 6 months before the first wash for high contrast fades. With pre-washed jeans, fades are slower to develop and more subtle in appearance.

When the time finally comes to wash your jeans there are 3 golden rules for minimising the amount of indigo colour loss: turn them inside out, use a non-biological detergent and warm (not hot!) water. Ideally we recommend submerging them flat in a bath filled with warm water, leaving to soak and then rinsing with cool water. That said, we know that sometimes convenience trumps ideality. In this case: machine wash, making sure to follow the aforementioned rules.

After washing, promptly hang to dry. If you have followed the soaking method, avoid wringing, instead leave to drip dry. Iron on a low heat.

To revive your jeans between washes, simply fold them into a sealable plastic bag and leave in the freezer for a few hours to kill the bacteria and eliminate any bad odours.


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