Friends of Sunspel: Flora Fricker

London-based floral designer Flora Fricker champions seasonal British flowers and UK producers in her beautiful and sustainable creations. This season, we worked with Flora to style Sunspel stores for Christmas, for which she produced eye-catching sustainably sourced wreaths.

What was your inspiration for this year's Christmas wreaths?

As always, I look to what the seasons have to offer. I took myself outside and to the British hedgerow as my point of inspiration – British foliage is as splendid as ever right now, with magnificent shades of evergreen and orange brackens and berries. I wanted the wreaths to complement the deep seasonal tones of the Sunspel collection with some pops of bright yellows and oranges. Christmas is a wonderful time to bring the beauty of the outside, inside. The wreaths dressing Sunspel's windows are inspired by the idea of bringing wild shapes and colours togeth­er, all informed by the best of the British season.

What flowers were used specifically for this project?

The hearts of the wreaths are made from British-grown yew and berried ivy. Yew is one of my favourite evergreens because of its scent, beautiful structure and its ancient roots in the British landscape. The yew and ivy are laced together with orange brackens, budded viburnum, rosemary, bay leaf and Douglas firs creating big, wild-looking wreaths. British foliage is in abundance, smells glorious and holds its shape.

What are you looking forward to this Christmas?

I am most looking forward to decorating the Christmas table. This year I have the Christmas Eve 'commis­sion' – high stakes! Other than that, one too many snowballs, re-reading Nancy Mitford's novel, Christmas Pudding, lighting fires and celebrating loved ones (not in that order!).

Top tips for wreath making

  1. Spend time making a good solid base.

  2. Use lots of varied foliage for texture and shape, rather than just pine. Choose generous amounts of seasonal scented leaves, flowers and berries instead.

  3. As you work on your wreath, keep turning it clockwise so that your foliage flows in one direction.

  1. Reduce, re-use, recycle. Use materials that can be reused or that biodegrade. Moss, twigs, hazel and reusable wire are the sustainable alternatives to floral foam which should always be avoided.

  2. Spray your wreath with water regularly to help prolong its life.

  3. Have fun. Wreaths are joyful. And use great ribbon.

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