Inside The Worker Jacket

With the weather being characteristically unreliable. We thought it best to introduce a fantastic addition to our ever growing outerwear range. Simple, stylish and unmistakably blue, the cotton drill jacket is a garment characterised by a modest elegance and a long history.

Thought to have originated in the nineteenth century, this was the uniform of choice for railway workers and engineers. Then much of it’s appeal lay in its pockets, cut deep for keeping tools close at hand. The rich blue that came to define the jacket was not an aesthetic decision but a practical one using an inexpensive indigo dye employed to hide stains from the day’s toil. The jackets, a traditionally loose fitting style were designed to be worn as smocks to protect it’s wearers clothes beneath and allow for unrestricted movement.

Aside from its practical uses, the cotton drill jacket holds a social and political significance that cannot to be overlooked. As the go-to garment for unionised railway workers, much of its social significance also lies in its distinctive hue representative of the ‘blue collar’ working classes.

We’ve brought the Worker  jacket into the 21st century, never forgetting it s origins. The jacket comes with a contemporary fit cut from a heavier drill cloth that is fabric dyed in indigo. Perfectly robust and hard wearing, The Worker jacket is simply a garment to be lived in.


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