Introducing The Sunspel Made in England Shoe

You can tell a lot about a man by his shoes, or so they say, so seeking out the right pair is a sound investment – and not just in the style stakes.

When we set about making the inaugural pair of Sunspel shoes, our first port of call was Northampton. Renowned as being home to some of England’s ­ – and indeed, the world’s ­– finest shoemakers, it was the obvious choice. We worked with a factory respected for their generations of expertise to develop a shoe that combines the very best of traditional British craftsmanship, with an elegant, contemporary finish, that is unmistakably Sunspel.

We started with a classic three-hole derby, and sourced a hardy Italian suede for the upper. The sole is leather, and the construction is Goodyear welted which, while time-consuming, is the very best method. The process involves stitching a strip of leather to the edge of the shoe’s upper, and cementing a strip of canvas to the insole. This forms a cavity which is filled, creating the welt which acts as an attach-point for the sole to then be stitched to. The benefit of using this highly skilled process is two-fold: the join makes the shoe virtually waterproof, and it allows the sole to easily be removed and replaced, meaning that your shoes can last for decades, depending on how they are cared for and the condition of the upper of course.

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