Original Jeans for Original Boxers

Sunspel and Levi’s have always gone well together, as Nick Kamen demonstrated in the famous ‘Launderette’ advert when he striped off his pair of original jeans to reveal a pair of white Sunspels (the original British boxer short). The influence of the commercial was incredible – men’s underwear was transformed, briefs were no longer the norm and boxer shorts were in.

We have managed to source a limited number of rare original Levi’s for sale in our Shoreditch store. Our supplier is a Levi’s specialist based in San Franciso who spends a great deal of time tracking down rare Levi’s. Being located in San Franciso must help, as the city is home to the Levi’s head office and site of the original store that Levi Strauss himself set up in 1853.

And here are a couple of things you might not know about Nick Kamen. He was first brought to the public’s attention in 1984 when Ray Petri featured him on the front cover of The Face magazine. His 1986 UK single ‘Each Time You Break My Heart’ was written and produced by Madonna, who also sang backing vocals on the track.

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