The Recommendation: The leather wallet by Postalco

In ‘The Recommendation’ we invite guests to select an item that they think is the very best in its class.

Postalco for Sunspel leather wallet in black

To start the series, Sunspel CEO Nicholas Brooke recommends the Postalco wallet. He’s been carrying one around in his pocket for a decade, and it impressed him so much that he collaborated with them to design an exclusive wallet for Sunspel…


“I’ve been carrying the same Postalco wallet about for the best part of a decade now and it shows absolutely no signs of wear and tear – it’s just an incredibly well-made thing.

It’s put together so that it doesn’t disintegrate in that way that nearly all wallets seem to do after a while. I have it on me virtually every waking hour, usually stuffed full of receipts and cards and so on, but it’s still perfectly intact. In fact over time it has acquired a lovely character. It’s aged beautifully, as good leather does, so that the wallet becomes unique to you.”


“I first came across the wallet when I met the Postalco founder Mike Abelson in New York, back in 2011. We had dinner and talked about the Sunspel and Postalco philosophies and it was clear that we were very sympatico – we share the same belief in making things very carefully, very painstakingly, and using the best possible materials.

Mike invited me to visit the Postalco store in New York and I picked up the wallet there. What I liked straight away was that it was very, very simple, but clearly made of impeccably high-quality leather and cotton. I picked it up and loved the feel of it – it’s a very pleasing object.


Postalco For Sunspel leather wallet in black

Postalco for Sunspel leather wallet in dark brown


“When I got back to London I decided I wanted the wallet for the new Sunspel store in Redchurch Street. Postalco had actually relocated to Tokyo in the meantime – but in a way that was just another example of the stars aligning, as Sunspel has always had a strong affinity with the Japanese aesthetic and has a history of success there.

We sent Mike some old pattern documents from the Sunspel archives and they made us this beautiful leather and cotton wallet, using our vintage sun and clouds logo.

It was actually a Sunspel first, as it was the first time we had ever sold something in one of our stores that we didn’t make ourselves.

For Sunspel’s 160th anniversary in 2020 we’re celebrating our relationship with Japan, so we thought a new collaboration with Postalco would be perfect. We’ve made the billfold wallet in new colours and also a card holder – all of the same outstanding quality as the original wallet I picked up in New York and still use today.”


Postalco for Sunspel leather wallet in dark brown

Shop the new POSTALCO for SUNSPEL wallet here and in our stores.

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