Our classic sweatshirt gets a special twist this season with our new embroidered styles. These soft leisurewear staples feature the Sunspel logos in off-white embroidery on the front, and have a clean finish with no backing on the inside of the garment. Including the trademark V-stitch insert and ribbed cuffs, plus our usual neat fit, this is an off-duty style for those days when you still want to make a statement.

‘Loopback’ is the technical term for the fabric traditionally used to make sweatshirts. It’s a literal description of the construction of the fabric that features loops on its reverse and is also a reference to the original machine that was used to knit the fabric: the loopwheel.

Having originally been developed for sports garments, the loops on the back of the fabric were designed to absorb sweat from your body, passing it into the garment to keep you cool. Conversely, our loopback fabric is designed to trap warm air inside, providing an insulating layer for day-to-day wear.

Product Code: MSWE1516P2-GYAA