Crafted from our exceptionally soft and incredibly rare Sea Island Cotton, these one-button Boxer Shorts embody our twin inspirations of classic British style and luxurious quality. Cut to the same fit as our classic one-button Boxer Short, they make a fantastic gift for a special occasion.

Sea Island cotton is coveted as one of the world’s most luxurious materials. Grown and handpicked by a few dedicated experts in the Caribbean, it is the rarest type of cotton and makes up only 0.0004% of the world’s supplies. Its extra long staple length, fine uniform texture, silky lustre, and great tensile strength allow it to be woven to the very highest yarn count; a highly skilled process that just a few weavers in the world are experienced in.

Sunspel’s history with Sea Island cotton dates back several decades to a time when underwear was the mainstay of the company. Today we still import the cotton from the West Indies, and work with expert spinners in Switzerland who weave it into the soft, slinky finished fabric. Our Sea Island Cotton underwear is the ultimate luxury when it comes to everyday wear.

Product Code: MSHR4400-WHAA