This dress is made from our signature loopback fabric. It has a comfortable fit that is relaxed without being baggy and the ribbed neck and arms have an athletic look that's in keeping with our loopback sweats collection. Wear it over a classic white shirt for a modern, polished take on sports style and simply pair it with trainers during the warmer months.

We developed our loopback fabric based on an archive Sunspel garment. It is unique in that it uses an extra fine yarn that is tightly knitted, resulting in a fabric that is softer, lighter, more resistant to pilling, and ultimately more luxurious than your average sweatshirt fabric. These distinctive qualities allow for garments that are supremely comfortable but with a refined fit.

Sunspel Loopback Track Pant

'Loopback' is the technical term given to the fabric traditionally used to make sweatshirts. It's a literal description of the construction of the fabric that features loops on its reverse and is also a reference to the original machine that was used to knit the fabric: the loopwheel.

Having originally been developed for sports garments, the loops on the back of the fabric were designed to absorb sweat from your body, passing it into the garment to keep you cool. Conversely, our loopback fabric is designed to trap warm air inside, providing an insulating layer for day-to-day wear.

Product Code: WDRE1504-BUAG