Our premium Sea Island Cotton brief has a classic shape that sits comfortably on the hip with a low cut leg and is cut from our incredibly soft Sea Island Cotton jersey. Sea Island cotton is the world's rarest cotton, and this exceptional extra long staple yarn is highly prized for its silky lustre and fine uniform texture.

Pair with our Sea Island Cotton crew neck T-Shirt for a truly luxurious sleepwear set.

Sea Island is coveted as one of the world’s most luxurious materials. Grown and handpicked by a few dedicated experts in the Caribbean, it is the rarest type of cotton, making up only 0.0004% of the world’s cotton supplies. The cotton’s extra long staple length, fine uniform texture, silky lustre and great tensile strength allow it to be woven to the very highest yarn count; a highly skilled process that just a few weavers in the world are experienced in.

Sunspel Sea Island Cotton

Here at Sunspel, our history with Sea Island cotton dates back several decades to a time when underwear was the mainstay of the company. Today, we work with expert spinners in Switzerland to weave our Sea Island cotton fabric and each garment is made by hand in very limited numbers by one expert seamstress in our Long Eaton factory. Our Sea Island underwear is the closest a person can get to the luxury of artisan craftsmanship for everyday wear.

Product Code: WBRF4500-WHAA