Details | Sunspel Underwear

We’ve been making underwear at Sunspel since our 1860 establishment, when the company bore the name of its founder, Thomas Hill. From a range back then of lisle cotton undershirts, tunics and singlets that made their way to various corners of the British Empire, to the classically stylish but technologically informed briefs, trunks and shorts of today, the company has always taken pride in its underwear as part of a wider range of high quality heritage clothing.

However, another major and long-standing selling point of Sunspel’s designer menswear is the firm’s undoubted fabrics expertise, which has long ensured the basic wearability of the underclothes that have emerged from the Long Eaton, Nottingham factory. The company’s experts are continually refining and perfecting the range’s existing fabric ranges while developing new ones, paying attention to even the most minuscule details of design and fit.

The result is that there are three fabric ranges that have been developed for use in the firm’s underwear, including Q82 Superfine, Q14 Cellular and Q14 Stretch, which each offer unparalleled lightness, comfort and luxury. The aim is to create undergarments that the owner barely notices that they are wearing, but which are certainly noticed nonetheless by others for the luxury and style that they exude.

Sunspel’s Quality 82 fine jersey knit cotton fabric is one of the mainstays of the company’s underwear range, being used in its briefs, button shorts and vests. This lightweight, soft fabric has been constructed from long staple Egyptian cotton that has been hand-picked to ensure the selection of only the softest, highest quality fibres. This is followed by the combing of the fibres to remove all imperfections, with the cotton then being spun into yarn and knitted.

The Q82 Superfine fabric also lacks nothing in pedigree, given a history that can be traced back to the original lisle cotton that was a feature of some of the world’s very first T-shirts to come out of Sunspel. Not only does the jersey knit fabric remain a key benefit of the company’s T-shirts and other underwear today, ensuring maximum smoothness and strength, but it also extends 21st century luxury and innovation to its current polo shirts.

Another fabric to be used in Sunspel’s underwear range is Quality 14, namely in its crew neck and low V-neck T-shirts, one button shorts and briefs. This unique lightweight Cellular Fabric is another product of the Long Eaton premises, having been developed on its traditional lace making machines in the 1930s and since used to make breathable and soft luxury mens clothing that feels cool against the skin.

Such fabrics have long helped to make Sunspel a byword for high quality mens clothing, and continue to provide comfort and satisfaction for the many wearers of the company’s constantly enhanced and iconic underwear.