The Sunspel Fragrance Set

Be transported through Britain with our fragrance set, from the warmth of a meadow in summer to the rugged seashore.

Our new fragrance set captures the changing seasons in all their fragrant glory, taking you on a journey through the rugged landscape of the British Isles. A perfect gift, the four scentswere created with London perfumer Lyn Harris, and come as a set of 15 ml bottles. 

The set begins with Neroli Sun. Evocative of a fine summer’s day it’s bright, sunny and free,with sun-soaked citrus and timeless English herbs. It continues through Oak Wood, a contemporary yet timeless scent, reminiscent of the rich heritage of the British landscape with its ancient, gnarled trees and nutty autumnal aromas. Then comes the wild and changeable Sea Moss. Redolent of wildflowers nodding in the salty sea breeze, the perfume is dynamic on the skin, just like the landscape that inspired it. Finally, Green Cedar completes the set, transporting the wearer back to warmer days. Blooming meadows and wild greenwoodlands, a warm breeze once more in the air.

The fragrances pair perfectly with our clothes. “I wanted to create fragrances that were genderless, relaxed and easy to wear,” Lyn Harris says, “For me, they are the Sunspel brand.Whenever I put on a Sunspel Tee, it feels so effortlessly elegant – that’s what I wanted to capture.”

All four of the fragrances are also available separately in both 50 ml and 100 ml bottles.