How to choose the right underwear

On the subject of getting dressed, there aren’t many questions that are quite as divisive as the age-old “Boxers or Briefs?” debate.

Of course, finding the perfect fit is essential but we wholeheartedly believe that the perfect fit is nothing without the perfect fabric. For day-to-day comfort, our 100% long-staple cotton underwear is hard to beat and for those days that require a little more support, we have added just the right amount of elastane to our stretch cotton range. Fans of our time-honoured cellular underwear will be pleased to know that we are now fully restocked, and for the pinnacle of luxury essentials, it doesn’t get any better than our Sea Island collection, made from the rarest cotton in the world.

Whatever your preference, we’ve put together this guide to Sunspel underwear to help you stock up on your essentials with confidence, or maybe even encourage you to break with habit and try something new.


The Boxer Short

 boxer short sketch 

Our loyal customers tell us that the Sunspel Boxer Short offers the perfect fit. Neither too slim, nor too baggy, they can be worn under jeans or trousers and for added comfort we eliminated that bothersome seam that traditionally runs up the back of the Boxer Short. Dedicated to your classic Boxers but admit to finding them a little restrictive for lounging? Consider the Long Cut Boxer – with added room in the leg they are perfect for leisurely mornings at home.


The One Button Short

one button short sketch 

For those that like the idea of the Boxer Short but prefer a tidier, more modern look, we developed a range of Shorts. The One-Button version is cut with a mid-rise that sits on the hip, the waistband is elasticated for optimum comfort and, as the name suggests, the fly front is fastened with a single button. It is available in 100% long staple cotton, cellular cotton, and Sea Island cotton.


The Two Button Short

two button short sketch 

The Two Button Short comes with all the benefits of its One Button counterpart. It has the same mid-rise that sits just-so on the hip, and it has the same elasticated waistband for added comfort. The difference is in the snugger fit, the elasticated hems and the two-button fly fastening which combine for a more streamlined look when worn under slim-leg trousers.


The Low Waist Trunk

low waist trunk sketch 

On those more vibrant mornings spent exercising rather than reclining, you may want to swap your Shorts for something a little more supportive, not least for comfort’s sake but also to preserve your modesty. On said occasions, the Low Waist Trunk is a good option as it combines the fit of the Short with the support the Brief and is available in a stretch cotton fabric for optimum comfort.


The Brief

brief sketch 

That said, if your time spent exercising outweighs your reclining, the Brief is a better choice for showing off toned limbs and strong stomach muscles. It is cut with a mid-rise that sits on the hip, but not one for the faint hearted, it has a snug fit and a high leg that leaves little to the imagination. The brief is available in long-staple cotton, cellular cotton and for those more luxurious occasions: Sea Island cotton.

Long Staple Cotton Boxer Short

Superfine One Button Short

Superfine Low Waist Trunk