Paraboot x Sunspel

Combining nearly three centuries of shared heritage, the Paraboot x Sunspel Michael Shoe is a work of true craftsmanship.

It’s 1908. The Wright brothers prove they can fly, Henry Ford makes the Model T and Manchester United lift the First Division trophy for the very first time. The seeds of the modern world are sewn. That same year, Sunspel used Sea Island cotton to make the world’s first luxury T-shirt and across the Channel in a town called Izeaux, a farmer’s son founded a shoe company, Paraboot. 

Over the next 115 years, both Sunspel and Paraboot have changed a great deal but they have also maintained a commitment to their respective legacies. Paraboot continue to handmake sturdy-yet-chic footwear in their French factory while Sunspel, still based in their factory in Long Eaton, England, continue to craft timeless luxury clothing that’s exceptionally comfortable to wear. The collaboration, therefore, is a natural one.  


The shoe is a reworked version of Paraboot’s iconic Michael shoe, a style originally designed in 1945 for workers. Made of the finest leather, they used their own Paraboot rubber soles and Norwegian welts to ensure they were solid and durable. Thanks to the impeccable construction, the style was an immediate bestseller and later reached international acclaim when Italian and Parisian fashionistas began sporting it in the 80s. The shoe’s timeless look and the expert craftsmanship involved in each one means it's been a bestseller ever since.  

The Paraboot x Sunspel version is the same iconic moc toe style as the original but, drawing on Sunspel’s heritage, it is constructed for pure comfort. It’s crafted from an ultra-soft unlined suede that gives it a snug, supple feel on the foot while the lighter sole adds a nimbler, easier step. The result is a highly versatile shoe that will add timeless class to any outfit while always feeling a genuine pleasure to wear. 


In addition, both brands share a devotion to local manufacturing and high-quality, well-sourced natural materials. Each shoe is handmade in Paraboot’s French factory with over a century of expertise going into every one. The suede, like all Paraboot’s leather, is ethically and sustainably sourced from the finest tanneries in Europe.  

So while much has changed since 1908 – planes, cars and the Premier League included – Sunspel and Paraboot continue to create exceptionally high-quality products. This shoe is a perfect example – it’s a true work of craftsmanship.