Sea Island Cotton Cashmere

What happens when the world’s finest cotton meets the world’s most luxurious wool? 


Exceptional fabrics have been the cornerstone of Sunspel’s brand since 1860. The founding principle of the business was to make garments from the world’s highest quality natural materials: wools, silks and cottons, sourced from the best suppliers. The finest of these were, and still are, cashmere and Sea Island cotton. 

This year, Sunspel has combined these two materials. The result is truly remarkable.

Sea Island Cotton 

Sea Island cotton is the world’s rarest and most luxurious cotton. Accounting for just 0.0004% of the global cotton supply, each strand is grown by experts in the Caribbean where it’s painstakingly handpicked and quality controlled. Sea Island cotton has an exceptionally long staple, meaning the fabrics feel beautifully smooth on the skin. So smooth, in fact, that Queen Victoria famously mistook it for silk.


Cashmere is the lightest, softest, strongest and most sought-after wool in the world. Brushed from the bellies of Mongolian goats, the fibres are incredibly fine. They’re warm enough for the cold of winter but cool enough for hot weather too. We take care to choose the very best of these, the white hairs, and ensure they’ve been farmed responsibly.   


Sea Island Cotton Cashmere

When combined, the best qualities of each yarn are drawn out in this unique fabric. It’s exceptionally smooth on the skin, courtesy of the Sea Island cotton, but has a depth of touch and softness provided by the cashmere, while both yarns bring strength and durability.

Lightweight, soft and unrivalled for pure comfort, it’s a marriage of true luxury.