The Most Wanted Sunspel Gifts

Finding gifts for your loved ones is difficult. Here offer some tips to help you out and share some of our bestselling gifts.

Gift-giving is a huge part of our lives, especially during the festive period. It lets our loved ones know just how much we value them and helps strengthen relationships and bonds between us. However, giving a good gift is not easy. Finding something that will be liked and used regularly eludes even the most thoughtful of us. Studies show roughly 10% of gifts are returned each year and many more are kept unused and unloved.

But giving a good gift needn’t be difficult. Most givers don’t realise their intentions are misaligned with the receivers. Recent studies have revealed that most givers search for things that look great on the surface and so will get a positive reaction when the gift is received. However, most receivers want something that will be useful in the longer term. Nobody likes a gift that makes us feel bad when we eventually have to return it or even worse, throw it away.

A great gift is something that the recipient will still be thanking you for in years to come. It's perhaps no surprise therefore that things that are high quality, timeless, versatile and long-lasting make the best gifts, the things that can be used every day and which are a pleasure to use.

When it comes to clothing, you want to give something the recipient will love wearing. We advise keeping it simple. Bolder pieces may well invigorate someone’s wardrobe but they are much more likely to miss the mark too. Look for something refined and elegant, that’s crafted by people who care, and which is exceptionally comfortable. That way, every time they pull on the piece – not just when they open the gift, but for years after – they will appreciate it.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our bestselling gifts that are exactly that.


 The Classic T-shirt

Men's Classic T-shirt in White
Classic T-shirt in Olive
Men's Classic T-shirt in Charcoal

Timeless and perfectly essential, this is a gift that will be worn over and over. We made some of the world’s earliest T-shirts and have been perfecting this T-shirt in our English factory for over a hundred years. It’s handmade with the softest, fully traceable Californian Supima cotton and is exceptionally comfortable. According to Vogue, “No wardrobe is complete without a Sunspel white T-shirt,” so you can be sure that whoever you give it to will be grateful.



Lambswool Crew Neck Jumper in Slate Blue
English Merino Fisherman Jumper in Coffee Lambswool Jacket in Dark Camel


During the cold of winter, knitwear is always a welcome gift, especially if it’s exceptionally high-quality and luxurious to wear. Our Scottish cashmere collection is made in Scotland using the softest yarns sourced from one of the country’s oldest spinners. Not only is it beautifully soft and smooth, but it is also incredibly durable too meaning it will be a favourite for many years to come. The same is true for the rest of our knitwear collection. From English-made fisherman jumpers to Scottish lambswool pieces, we have a perfect jumper for everyone. 


Winter Accessories

Scottish Lambswool Hat in Slate Blue Scottish Lambswool Scarf in Dark Olive Cashmere Knitted Glove in Black


Like knitwear, hats, gloves and scarves are essential during the colder months. Who wouldn’t want some beautifully soft cashmere gloves or a Scottish lambswool scarf? Unless they live somewhere warm in which case you may want to reconsider…



Classic Boxer Shorts in Nutcracker
Classic Boxer in Plain Blue Sea Island Cotton Boxer Shorts in Light Blue


Everyone wears underwear but not everyone wears luxury underwear. We’ve been crafting the finest underwear since we were founded. We have plenty of luxuriously soft, beautifully made pieces, including our boxer short, which we introduced to Britain in 1947 and have been perfecting ever since. They’ll elevate any underwear draw and certainly get plenty of use. We have many different prints too if you’re looking for something a little more festive.


Fragrance and Candles

Oak Wood Candle Neroli Sun Fragrance Sea Moss Candle


Fragrances and candles make great presents. Created with leading London perfumer Lyn Harris, we have four scents – Green Cedar, Sea Moss, Neroli Sun and Oak Moss – which evoke the British landscape through the different seasons. They are relaxed, versatile and easy to wear and available as a giftset of four 15ml bottles, individually in 50ml/100ml bottles or as candles. 

Whichever Sunspel gift you choose for your loved one, you can be sure it will be of the highest quality, made with care and devotion, and a favourite for years to come.