The Sunspel Oxford Shirt

For over a hundred years the Oxford shirt has been a staple of smart everyday wear. Here's the story behind it.

An Oxford shirt is made from a particular kind of textured cotton weave. High-quality cotton yarns are woven together to create a ‘basketweave’ structure that makes a comfortable, durable textile. It was invented in Scotland at the end of the 19th century along with three other weaving techniquesAll four were named after great universities: Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and Yale, but the Oxford is the only one that’s still commonly worn.

The reason for its initial success was it was very popular with polo players. The properties of the tough basketweave made it ideal for the physical rigours of the game. The style, meanwhile, was presentable and smart so not only did it look good while playing but it was perfect for drinks in the clubhouse afterwards too. The Oxford shirt is rarely worn for sports these days, but its function is still very versatile. It can easily be dressed up with a jacket or a suit, or you can wear it more casually with denim or a pair of shorts.

Although very durable, the basketweave usually makes Oxford shirts heavy and a little rough against the skin. The Sunspel Oxford shirt, however, is designed for comfort as well as style. Made with the highest-quality fine cotton yarn, each is fabric washed to give a soft, worn-in feel, ensuring that it is lightweight, breathable and smooth. However, you choose to style it, you can guarantee it will be exceptionally comfortable from the moment you first put it on.