A Guide to Dressing for your Downtime

It’s often said that January is the hardest month of the year to get through, with too much talk of resolutions and gym memberships and your first post-Christmas pay day still several long weeks away, but we disagree. Because, truly, is anything harder to face than February, as winter tries half heartedly to turn into spring? There may soon be snowdrops blooming and lambs in the fields, but right now there’s just unpredictable weather patterns ready to spoil your weekend plans. So, how do we suggest you tackle the gloomiest time of the year? By learning the art of dressing to de-stress, of course.

Follow our handy guide to ensure you master staying in with style, so when Monday rolls around you’re feeling rejuvenated and ready to face the world again.

Make a lazy Sunday under the covers something to be savoured by combining our new, 100% silk Boxer Shorts with a T-Shirt crafted from incredibly rare and wonderfully soft Sea Island cotton. After all, when you spend the day reclining in some of the world’s finest fabrics, there’s no need to feel guilty for not getting dressed.

If you do make it out from under your duvet and decide to venture downstairs for a pot of coffee and a peruse of the Sunday papers, you’ll need something a little more substantial to wear. Try putting on a pair of our new, elegantly striped pyjama bottoms, made from the same smooth cotton poplin that we use to make our traditional Boxer Shorts. Throw our softest cashmere sweater on top and settle in with a slice of toast or two.

After a relaxing soak in the bath, slip into something more comfortable and kit yourself out in our Cellulock track pant and a matching T-Shirt. Our unique 100% cotton Cellulock fabric is both breathable and insulating; so it’s wonderfully soft and light on the skin but will keep you warm well into the cool February evenings.

Okay, we admit, sometimes a languorous Sunday just isn’t possible and you have to leave the house. Whatever the reason, throw on our plush Loopback sweatshirt with a pair of straight leg jeans and stay cosy while looking effortlessly cool.

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