‘Repton Boxing Club’ | At the film’s launch

This week saw the launch of the Sunspel film ‘Repton Boxing Club’, by Alasdair McLellan, a fascinating look into Britain’s most famous amateur boxing club in the East End of London. The film features Ryan Pickard, Ellis Pickard, Louis Cadman and Sam Lawson, wearing Sunspel classics,  boxing, training and discussing everything from tattoos to who was the world’s greatest boxer.

The launch was held in conjunction with Fantastic Man magazine, around the corner from the Sunspel shop, at the Rochelle School in Club Row. With quintessentially British food and drink, the guests were able to see the film projected the entire height of a wall, with prints that went along with the film also being displayed.

The film is being set up for the preview. 

The prints are displayed on the wall.

Fantastic Man and Sunspel.

Hundreds of people turned up for the event, from the boxers themselves to magazine editors such as Katie Grand (Love Magazine), writers such as Tim Blanks, Susie Lau of Style Bubble, chef Margot Henderson, our creative director J.W.Anderson, designer Richard Nicoll and the director of the Tate Modern Chris Dercon.

Chris Dercon

Ryan Pickard

Susie Lau and Tim Blanks

Katie Grand

The Sunspel store team

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