The Luxury British Jumper

Travelling less than 150 miles from farm to finish, Sunspel unveils its most homegrown essential to date, just in time for winter.

Over the past 160 years, Sunspel has strived to work with the finest suppliers and craftspeople in Britain. Our dedication to these values ensures our products are always the highest quality and this is our most remarkable jumper to date. Working with several local specialists we have crafted an exceptional piece that we are incredibly proud to say has been farmed, scoured, spun and knitted entirely in Britain. In fact, the entire process, from farm to finished product, took place within 150 miles of our factory in Long Eaton.

This extraordinary journey begins in the green rolling hills of Lancashire, Northumberland and Yorkshire. It is here that the Bluefaced Leicester sheep are reared. British wool is usually very rough and harsh against the skin however the Bluefaced Leicester’s fleece has an unusually long staple and the finest micron count of the British wool clip. This makes for an incredibly smooth yarn and a fine, silky drape which means it is some of the most sought-after in the country.

Nowadays, very few garment wools are sourced in Britain and most come from the southern hemisphere. This not only incurs a significant carbon footprint but it also neglects the rich heritage of the British wool industry. Working closely with sustainable wool specialists Upland Yarns, who share our values of quality and tradition, we ensure our yarn is produced sustainably and with extraordinary care. Consequently, absolutely no toxic chemicals are used when processing the yarn, something which is very rare.  

After the yarn’s collected the raw fleece travels to Bradford to be made into fibres ready for knitting. Before carding and combing, the fleece is washed with organic detergent to draw out its protective oils. To reduce waste these are sent to be used in balms and cosmetics. For this jumper, we have preserved the wool’s natural tones, meaning the colour is created organically during the spinning process. This stage takes place at Laxtons mill in Bradford, one of the oldest spinners in the country but blending the fibre to the right shade is a difficult process. Using a traditional gilling machine, it often takes up to 8 attempts to get the correct colour. The knitting stage then takes place in Leicester and also requires expert craftsmanship. We use a unique knit pattern inspired by our extensive archive which gives this remarkable piece its classic, effortless style. 

The resulting jumper is a true investment piece and comes in three shades of ecru, oatmeal and cedar. Entirely made on British soil, its exceptional softness, unrivalled quality and unique story truly embodies Sunspel as a brand. We are incredibly proud of this piece; it is an absolute winter essential.


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