Sea Moss

Sunspel’s third fragrance, Sea Moss, takes you on an exhilarating journey along the British coastline. Developed with perfumer Lyn Harris, it’s dynamic, evocative and British.

Our third fragrance beautifully evokes the mood of the British coast. Our previous two perfumes, Oak Wood and Neroli Sun, also took inspiration from the British landscape, but Sea Moss is altogether more wild, capturing the unique pleasure that comes from exploring this ever-changing environment. Redolent of wildflowers, cedars and a salty-sea breeze, Sea Moss is as dynamic as the coastline that inspired it. As with all our fragrances, Sea Moss is much more than just a standard perfume, it encapsulates our values and represents our longstanding dedication to exceptional quality.

We worked through every step of the process with perfumer Lyn Harris to create this luxury fragrance. “I wanted to take the wearer on a journey,” says Lyn, “bringing to life this natural wonder in a way that transcended seasons, weather and differing landscapes across the entire British coastline. Sea Moss is perfect in its simplicity with layers for each season – exactly as Sunspel is as a brand.”