A Summer Suitcase with WM Brown

Matt Hranek of the WM Brown Project gave us his 6 holiday essentials to pack alongside the Formal Riviera Polo Shirt.


Following the demand for last season’s sell-out polo, we have worked once again with Matt Hranek of the WM Brown Project to create a new long-sleeve formal version of our Riviera Polo Shirt which was tailored for Daniel Craig's James Bond. Hranek is renowned for his refined tastes, and his publication, the WM Brown Project, focuses on luxury menswear, craftsmanship and classic style. As a result, he is well-placed to advise us on what to take on holiday to get the most out of the Long Sleeve Formal Riviera Polo Shirt. Currently in Hawaii, Hranek took us through five of his summer suitcase essentials.

At the centre of the suitcase is the polo. We created this with Hranek last season, but having sold out quickly, it has been reintroduced this year in three colourways. With long sleeves, cuffs and a cut-away standing collar, it is crafted from our unique, lightweight Q75 Supima cotton mesh, originally designed by Sunspel in the 1950s for the heat of the Riviera.

“In my opinion, the Riviera Polo Shirt is the best short sleeve polo ever made," Hranek says, "and a taller standing collar is a perfect summer addition. It presents better under a blazer or jacket and its versatility is bulletproof. I wore it on this trip, leaving misty, cool California where I wore it under a jumper. Once I arrived in Hawaii, I could take the sweater off, roll up the sleeves and I was perfectly ready for a subtropical environment. It packs and unpacks really well and doesn’t wrinkle so it can substitute for proper shirting. What I’ve learnt since last year is that it washes and wears really well too. It’s great, it’s one-stop shopping.”

1. Linen Blazer

The Polo’s taller collar and long sleeves were specially designed to make it suitable for wearing under a jacket. Hranek suggests packing an unstructured linen blazer. “I usually have my linen jackets made by my tailor in New York and I’ve been using this amazing French linen house called Maison Hellard. What I like about it is it’s super drapey. It’s really loose and gets better as you wear it.”

2. Single Pleat Linen Trouser

A smart linen trouser makes a natural companion for the polo’s refined cut. “Sunspel does a really nice single pleat linen trouser so I would definitely take that,” Hranek says. Sourced from Northern Europe’s finest linen farms, Sunspel’s linen is spun in Italy and garment-washed for a super-soft, smooth finish. This classic single pleat trouser is lightweight and cool, and it can be paired with the matching unstructured jacket for a timeless summer suit.

3. Military-inspired Shorts

In terms of shorts, Hranek has several suggestions: “I have these custom linen shorts that I love made with a super heavy linen that comes from Thomas Mason and Albini. And I love a pair of old, vintage, 3.5/4-inch inseam tennis whites. I also have a military short, a riff on a kind of navy deck so I’d take one of those.” 

4. Neck Scarf

To elevate his look without being overly formal, Hranek suggests a neck scarf. “This polo can be dressed up really nicely. I love these silk wool combination scarfs. My favourites right now are from Trunk Clothiers which are your neighbours on Chiltern Street in London. They’re very thin with a fine polka dot and they look really smart.”

5. Light Summer Shoes

For footwear, Hranek is torn, although he is confident he would pack a light shoe. “I love a little Frulane Venetian slipper or an espadrille. They both work well for poolside or bar-side. Or I would take a snuff suede penny loafer… I always have a standard penny loafer on holiday.”

6. For The Overpacker - Striped Sunspel Classic T-shirt

Hranek can’t resist one more before we finish, apologising that he’s notorious for being an overpacker. “You know what I think is really nice with this polo? One of the striped Sunspel Classic T-shirts. They look really good underneath if you ever want to layer. That little bit of Breton stripe through the collar looks really smart. I mean, I own Sunspel T-shirts in white, blue and navy and they’re all a standard part of my packing kit, so I’d take those too of course!”